The Story

Dive into the Kafka Galaxy where giant robots called Roboter descend from space to choose their Pilots. No one knows where they come from or how Pilots are chosen, but they know this- they can be used for good or very, very bad.

Maurice Merlo is just your typical struggling citizen of LD-42 just wanting to find more information about her parents back on Earth. That is, until a Roboter crash landed in a nearby field. Expecting to be chosen by the Roboter, out stepped what appears to be another Pilot. Could this be her opportunity to participate in the Roboter Games and compete to become the planet’s Roboter ambassador? Or will her search for answers create more questions?

,,die Roboter” has been a work in progress since 2015. It has gone through different versions but has, at its core, remained the same- a story about queer ladies piloting giant robots in space.