Commissioned Works

Commissioned works from various artists! Please go check them out! Listed in order from earliest to latest, so designs may have changed.

Created By Caitlin Scannell!

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Commissioned Piece for Cover

Created by Tanukimasu!

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Gift art by my good friend. ♥

2019 cover process!

Color version of the character icons (first batch).

Character icons! Maurice, Terra, Zo, Nia, Fauste, Rahima, the Patron, and Trisha.

Created by Amanda Robin!

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Commissioned Piece for Cover 2020

Created by Tyler Iero!

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maurice 2 shrink

Commissioned Piece, 2020

Created by Star!

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m+t 3

Commissioned by my wife for my birthday! Maurice and Terra

Created by MissThunderkin!

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