Playlists I’ve created on Spotify that match the feel of characters. Sometimes the lyrics match up, sometimes they don’t. Enjoy!


For when you’ve been chosen by a giant sentient mech and accept.
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Head Space (Maurice Merlo)
For when you’re not sure what exactly is happening but you’re going to make it a good time somehow.
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Ready to Deal? (The Fauste)
A soundtrack for, you know, the villain.
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Star Stuff (Zo Iwata)
Your friend is a dingus and you know more than you’re letting on. Including some… feelings.
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Space Drifter (Terra)
You are made of secrets with big dreams wrapped inside.
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metamorph (Rahima Hakimi)
You’ve got all the pressure on your shoulders and then some more just crashed in on you. Plus you can’t stop thinking about some trouble.
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Bubblegum Pop (Nia Conté)
You are the trouble.
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Cavities (Trisha Zivermous)
You’re hot headed but have an ooey-gooey middle. You’ll heck up anyone who calls you out on it.
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Business as Usual (The Patron)
Anything you ask will cost a price.
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