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She/her or they/them pronouns, queer

I live with my wife and our two cats. I graduated with an English BA with a focus in Creative Writing. My goal is to one day publish novels and short stories.

When I’m not balancing writing and working, I like playing video games and tackling my reading pile. As of February 2019, I’ve been published three times with Unfading Daydream.

Tag:: Go back in time with Nia Conté and her Roboter, Sono, to meet the Monarchy’s lost daughter. A short story packed with action and a hint of what’s to come in the ,,die Roboter” universe. [Physical Copy] // [Digital Copy]

Interview With a Villain:: It’s rumored that the great villain Red Snow is alive and well. A young reporter has been invited to speak with this woman with questions at the ready, like why did Red Snow kill the city’s beloved superhero Jubilance? [Physical Copy] // [Digital Copy]

Her Flowery Taste:: So all that non-sense you were told about Jubilance’s so-called death? Try taking it from the hero herself. A continuation of Interview With a Villain. [Physical Copy] // [Digital Copy]

To contact me, you can message me through the social media links above, or send an e-mail to icon by my friend Jessica (Tanukimasu).