Compilation of character information with minimal spoilers. 

Main Characters

Maurice Merlo: a human who is just trying to make it on LD-42. She works various jobs to pay the bills, and lives in a warehouse. She helps her best friend, Zo, with upgrades to her Roboter, while dreaming of being a Pilot herself one day. Little does she know, her dream could soon be a reality. (She/her, queer)

Zo Iwata, Pilot: a human Pilot that is hoping to make it big one day in the Roboter Games without the help of the Monarchy’s military benefits. When she’s not making adjustments on her Roboter, she helps her Uncle Wareho at his restaurant. (She/her, lesbian)

Rahima Hakimi, Princess in Arms: the leader of LD-42, though considered temporary as her parents went into mourning after her sister died, leaving her in charge. Before she became the leader of a planet, she was deep into research about Roboter.  (She/her, queer)

Nia Conté, Pilot: a popular Pilot that excels in the Roboter Games. Not only that, she’s Rahima’s top Pilot and in charge of leading the main Roboter unit. While some see her as the on-again/off-again girlfriend of Rahima, she is a top-notch designer of her own clothing brand. (She/her, lesbian)